Why Dogs Show Jealousy



So cute! Your dog just jumped on your lap when your spouse tried to kiss you hello. This type of behavior is experienced often by pet parents around the globe. It might seem cute at first that your dog wants your attention, but the cuteness wears off quickly when your dog becomes aggressive in order to get your attention. Common signs your dog is jealous include going to the bathroom indoors, aggression, fighting with another pet, attempting to scare away visitors, giving their owner extra attention, never leaving their owner’s side, and leaving the room. If your dog is showing jealousy, continue reading to learn more about the cause and solution to this behavior.  

The Root of the Behavior

Why is your dog behaving jealously? You might think about your dog a million times a day and provide him or her with plenty of attention and play time, but does your dog demand even more attention? Experts reveal that dogs can feel insecure at times and require individual attention. Some dogs are just bored and want their owner to adore them with petting, kisses, hugs, and toys. If you are wondering if your dog is just an attention hog or if there is something deeper going on, you are not alone. Every situation and dog are different. It’s up to you as a pet parent to do your best to find out the cause. If you just introduced a new puppy into the family, chances are your older dog is feeling left out. 

However, if your dog has always been fine and suddenly requires your attention 24/7, it may be time to evaluate the situation. Perhaps, he or she has become bored with their daily routine? Dogs who behave jealously often attempt to chase away people or pets from their owner. If your dog won’t let you hug your children or spouse, there is something wrong. Sometimes your dog’s thought process could involve seeing you happy doing something like hugging your kids and wanting to be involved in the hug fest. 

Feeling insecure is often the root of this behavior in dogs. It might be difficult to believe, but dogs have feelings too. It is evidential when owners witness their dog’s expression or behavior. An excellent example involves a jealous dog that doesn’t get the attention he or she requires from their owner, so they put their head down and walk out of the room showing their insecurity. Jealous behavior in dogs should never be encouraged. As a pet parent, you want to do everything you can to determine the cause of the jealousy and take action to resolve the issue. A dog that is allowed to continuously behave jealously can become highly aggressive in some situations. 

Encouraging the Behavior

Jealous behavior should always be discouraged. There are no benefits to encouraging your dog to be jealous. Allowing your dog to express this behavior and rewarding them with hugs, kisses, treats, toys, and more is only going to cause your dog to continue the behavior. Pinpointing the cause of the behavior is essential to stopping this behavior. Keeping a journal about your dog’s behavior is recommended. A great tip is to write down the day, time, and situation that occurred right before your dog expressed jealousy. Take note of who was in the room and if anyone was talking or paying attention to your dog. Was your dog being ignored? After a few days of keeping a journal, you should be able to see a pattern. The pattern might not be easy to determine at first, but anytime a specific situation initiates jealousy in your dog, you need to take notice. Does your dog get jealous every time you pay attention to your other pets? Feeling unloved, unwanted, and ignored are often the trigger for jealous behavior in dogs. Welcoming a new puppy or pet into the family is a common trigger. You might have gotten your new puppy with the intention to provide a friend for your dog, but your dog might feel and think otherwise. 

Other Solutions and Considerations

Dogs that express aggressive behavior to the point of making their owner feel afraid of them need to seek immediate expert assistance. Taking your dog to the veterinarian for a checkup and discussing the behavior in depth will help rule out any physical illness as a cause. Hiring a dog trainer that specializes in dealing with jealous dogs is highly recommended. Learning to communicate with your dog through training techniques will help improve and build a strong bond between you and your dog. This concerning behavior needs to be dealt with immediately. Depending on the situation, helpful ways to deal with the behavior successfully include equally dividing your attention between pets, professional training, a bed, area and toys to call their own, separate mealtimes between pets, paying attention to all the pets at once, and rewarding your dog with treats when he or she expresses the behavior you like to see. 


Your dog feeling jealous and wanting every moment of your time can make a dog owner feel great. Who doesn’t love to feel wanted or needed, right? Well, even if your dog expresses his or her jealousy in the cutest way, it is a concerning behavior that needs to stop as quickly as possible. Determining the cause of the jealousy will help pinpoint the issue. The combination of training and rewarding your dog when he or she behaves well helps solve the situation. If your dog suddenly becomes jealous and turns into Cujo, the dog from the Stephen King horror movie, it’s time to see a professional trainer immediately.