Why Do Dogs Make You Happy



Your dog, Halo, is your pride and joy. She makes you so happy and really is angelic. Your whole family loves her and she is an integral part of your day-to-day life. You can’t imagine your life without her because she makes you so very content. You think it is amazing how such an animal can make such a huge impact on your life for you really do consider Halo to be your best friend. She has offered you so much joy and is your most loyal companion. How is it possible that this furball has affected your life in such a truly positive way?

The Root of the Behavior

Dogs make people happy for an assortment of reasons, and numerous studies have documented the many positive effects of owning a dog. It turns out that your dog Halo lowers stress, depression, provides a sense of calmness, and even relaxes tense muscles. These are all factors that definitely contribute to happiness. Not to mention, Halo gets you outdoors and moving. Think about it: the sun provides you with vitamin D, which is essential for good health, and the exercise, well, there are too many benefits to list. And what about the social advantages that dogs instill? Halo forces you to get off the couch and go to the dog park, vet, on playdates, walks, and more. Believe it or not, Halo actually makes you a more active member of your community, and we humans are social creatures who get depressed when alone but are happiest with others. Halo has also brought you joy because of the interaction she has provided your kids. She has been their loyal playmate, and some studies have even found that kids who grow up around a dog tend to express more empathy. This, of course, leads to a happy parent as well.

Even libraries have caught onto the benefits dogs provide, for kids who read out loud to a dog show decreased anxiety and improve their reading skills. Yes, dogs are now even going to libraries. Therapy dogs are another hot trend: you can find them in nursing homes aiding the elderly, hospitals, and more because no one seems to doubt that dogs benefit all ages from kids to the elderly. You certainly agree because your Halo has provided you and your family with a steady routine and another meaning to your lives that you all are eternally grateful for. Apparently, it is no secret that Halo takes you for a daily ride on the happy train.

Encouraging the Behavior

The fact that dogs contribute to happiness is one behavior you treasure of Halo’s. Here are some interesting statistics about how dogs influence human well-being. According to habri.org, 40% of pet owners received some sort of emotional support from someone they met through their pet while 93% of owners say their dog has benefited their life in some way. These are quite the numbers and certainly prove that owning a dog seems to result in more personal benefits than downfalls. Another study conducted by BarkBox interviewed dog owners, and the majority said that their dogs made them happier, more patient, active, and even resilient. Thank you, Halo!

In another noted study done by Miami University in Ohio, researcher Allen McConnell expressed the following: ”We observed evidence that pet owners fared better, both in terms of well-being outcomes and individual differences than nonowners on several dimensions. Specifically, pet owners had greater self-esteem, were more physically fit, tended to be less lonely, were more conscientious, were more extroverted, tended to be less fearful and tended to be less preoccupied than nonowners.” This is quite a mouthful, but it even further reinforces the fact that you are happy to have Halo in your life.

Other Solutions and Considerations

In addition to the pros of dogs listed, dogs also have been shown to comfort patients with Alzheimer's, mental issues, and a history of abuse and/or neglect. Additionally, dogs have demonstrated that they cut down on heart disease, particularly due to lowering cholesterol and triglycerides in their human friends. People who suffer from loneliness and depression are sometimes even encouraged by doctors to get a pet since pets seem to improve sociability and a human’s general well-being. Although there are certain instances when dogs can cause stress, such as jumping around young kids and increasing your bills, the majority of owners report that their furry friend makes them happier all around.


It doesn’t surprise you that there is so much scientific evidence to support that dogs make humans happy. You continue to love Halo every day, and you know that she has brought more joy to your family than stress. You are amazed at how dogs can decrease the symptoms of so many diseases and even aid with reading, but most of all. you are just so overjoyed that Halo found a place in your lives, and you know that you and your family will consider reaping the benefits of your beloved pooch, so give Halo a high paw because she is pawtastic!