Why Do Dachshund Paws Smell Like Fritos



You absolutely love your dog Sally. She is loyal, loving, and everything you could want in a dog. In fact, she is the silliest animal you have ever laid your eyes on! Yet, Sally smells like your favorite snack food, which makes you feel a bit weird. You have determined that the smell is coming from her paws, but it still doesn’t change the fact that she smells like chips. How could your loving companion smell like your favorite snack food that you love to eat at night? With your determination, you begin your research to find out why Dachshund paws smell like Fritos. 

The Root of the Behavior

Sally is awesome in all that she does. Yet, it is difficult for you to hang out with her because of her smell. You never thought you would have to deal with a smell like Fritos in your dog. In fact, it is now ruining your love of chips, which has become a problem! Yet, Sally’s paws smell for a very good reason. Your dog has four paws, which have skin folds surrounding them. Those paws take Sally on every adventure that she decides to go on. Therefore, it should not be a surprise that her paws smell, especially if you do not consistently wash them. First off, Proteus or Pseudomona bacteria surrounds Sally’s paws and that bacteria is filled with yeast. It is completely normal for that bacteria to be alive in your dog’s paws, so do not be alarmed when you hear this. The natural yeast that is available in your dog’s paw is what smells like Fritos! 

Secondly, your dog actually sweats. Although Sally does not sweat through her coat, she will secrete sweat through her paws. If that sweat is not cleaned out properly, it can become trapped around her paw pads in the fur and skin folds. That sweat can mix with yeast-like bacteria and it may get trapped in your dog’s fur coat, enhancing the Frito-like smell. The Frito smell that comes from your dog’s feet is completely normal. In fact, most times people actually enjoy the smell of Fritos coming from their dog! You want to take care of your dog’s paws in the best that you can. Trimming the fur around your dog’s paw pads and washing your dog’s paw pads will help reduce your dog’s smell and it will help prevent infection. You may notice Sally consistently itching, licking, and biting at her paws because she may be trying to soothe an infection casued by large amounts of sweat. Sometimes, Sally’s self cleaning ability may need her veterinarian’s help. If you find your dog’s paws to be inflamed or infected, your veterinarian may be able to help your dog with the cleaning and healing process. 

Encouraging the Behavior

It is absolutely normal for dogs to self-clean and it is normal for bacteria to grow in your dog’s skin folds that surround their paw pads. In fact, just as we smell after we sweat or spend a long day doing something, so do our dogs. Their paws smell because it is their canine nature. As owners, it is important to make sure our dog’s paw pads are not infected, burned, or inflamed. If your dog smells like Fritos, you will probably notice it as soon as you walk into the room. You can help your dog wash their paws daily with soap and water. This can help with infection and it can also help with the smell, if it is something that you are not a fan of. 

Secondly, you are going to want to pay attention to other factors that may contribute to your dog’s Frito-like smell. You may want to find a shampoo or soap scrub that helps your dog with the external smell and sweat issues. It will help your dog avoid their paw, so an infection does not starts. Beyond the external remedies, you want to pay attention to your dog’s diet. The nutrition that you feed your dog is extremely important and may be the biggest factor that causes the smell. You are going to want to feed your dog food that is organic, healthy, and beneficial for their body. Sweat is a simple way that the body secretes toxins, bacteria, and moisture, which comes from the food your dog eats! Any change that you make will be beneficial to your dog's health. 

Other Solutions and Considerations

Sometimes, you may notice the smell of your Dachshund and also realize that your dog’s coat is much greasier compared to other breeds. Although this may be an excuse to ignore the smell and dilute it with candles, do not ignore it! Your dog smells strongly for a reason. You want to support, love, and talk to your dog about their paws when you are cleaning them. This can make a huge difference and may soothe any anxiety that is alive in your dog. It can make the cleaning and healing period go smoothly and successfully. Be sure to contact your veterinarian if needed.


Although Sally has adopted the smell of your favorite midnight snack, she is still your loving companion. As her owner, it is important to help her heal in any way that you can. Even if her smell does not bother you, it is still important to help Sally in any way that you can. Do not fear consulting your veterinarian or hiring a behavioralist, if you feel like that is what Sally needs.