Why Do Chihuahuas Eat Grass



Have you just spotted your Chihuahua out on the lawn eating grass? Does he look as if he's enjoying chowing down on the strands of green or is he cringing while he's chomping? While it's a possibility he's decided to give you a hand with the gardening, it's not very probable. Chihuahuas do like to dig but they're not really into mowing the lawn. Have you started to worry he might be missing some vital nutrient in his diet which he's decided to self-supplement by eating grass? You might even be thinking he's looking for some extra dietary fibre to assist the passage of kibble through his intestinal tract. It's hard to be certain for sure, isn't it? So why do Chihuahuas eat grass?

The Root of the Behavior

All dogs, not just Chihuahuas, like to nibble at grass now and again. You can be out for a walk and suddenly your pup will stop to pluck at a few strands, chewing on them for a while or at least until you manage to catch up with them and make him spit it out. It's not an unusual occurrence, yet we pet owners have a serious aversion to our pups eating grass. We tend to be under the impression that a dog who eats grass will quite probably vomit pretty promptly even though that is not particularly correct. Many people do think dogs, including Chihuahuas, eat grass to provoke vomiting although there's no scientific or medical evidence to support that fact. It's also been said, and is quite the traditional explanation for dogs eating grass, that they do it because they have a tummy ache and eating grass is a canine way of self-medicating. Which, if you've been out with your pup and he's been happily running around the park and playing with other dogs without demonstrating any symptoms, seems highly unlikely. 

Does grass have any nutritional value? While it does prove to be nutritional for cows and sheep who consume it in large quantities, the amount your dog eats, that's if it even reaches his stomach, isn't likely to benefit his diet in any way or solve his constipation problem if he has one. Although your Chihuahua may have a good old chew at it, grass is very difficult for them to actually swallow.. If you've caught your pup eating grass, you've probably noticed how it seems to get stuck around their teeth and under their tongue. You have to remove it for him because he just can't do it himself. So why do Chihuahuas eat grass? Until they actually manage to tell us why themselves, we will never be really sure, but it could be for the plain and simple reason that they just like the taste of it.

Encouraging the Behavior

While there's really no reason why your Chihuahua shouldn't have a nibble on some grass if he feels like it, you do need to be aware of where he does it and what grass he's eating. Many gardeners and park keepers use a lot of chemicals, fertilizers, and weed killers to keep their lawns looking as good as they can. You probably even use them on your own patch of grass. It's those chemicals which are more likely to do harm to your dog than any ordinary, untampered with blade of grass.

Grass comes in all shapes and sizes. Some of it is quite tough to chew or has edges which can be as sharp as a razor blade. If your Chihuahua chews on the wrong type of grass, he could end up in serious trouble. Long stalks can easily get stuck in a pup's throat causing him to retch or even choke which can be very stressful for both of you. If your pup decides to make a snack of some sharp strands, he could end up slicing his tongue or cutting his gums which won't be very pleasant for him as his mouth will be very sore and could become infected.

Other Solutions and Considerations

If you think your pup might have been chowing down on some grass which is carrying chemical toxins, the best thing to do is consult with a veterinary professional as soon as possible. They will be able to advise you and take precautionary measures if needed. If you're concerned about your dog's diet and worried he's not getting the right nutrients in the food you're giving him, have a chat with his veterinarian. They will be able to advise you on the correct dietary requirements for your pup, what type of food to feed him, and in what quantities to make sure he stays healthy and happy.


Yes, Chihuahuas like to eat grass. In fact, most dogs do on occasion although there's really no proven explanation of exactly why. It's just another one of those strange things dogs do. If you're really not very happy about your Chihuahua eating grass, then you might want to consider getting him some grass-flavored, doggy chewing gum instead.