Why Do Border Terriers Whine



Does your dog whine? You know the high pitch noise that usually accompanies his begging for his favorite treat? Dogs use their energy, verbal, and body language to communicate with their owners. If you have observed your dog whining at various times in his life you are probably wondering what it could mean? Whining can give you insight into your dog’s mental and emotional state. He could be expressing his feelings of stress, excitement, need for attention, or physical pain. The following information will help you discover the reason for your dog whining and what you can do to help him.

The Root of the Behavior

Sometimes your dog’s whines can be used for good such as training him to do so at the door when he is ready to go outside to go potty. This particular whining alerts you to your dog’s needs and allows you to care for him properly by opening the door or taking him for a walk to relieve himself. Dog’s often whine in the kitchen when they are hungry or would like a yummy treat. In this scenario, this communication between you and your dog is beneficial for both of you. Dogs whine to communicate to those around him that he needs something. As a pet parent, it’s up to you to figure out the specific need. Determining the need isn’t always easy but if you observe the situation and the environment while your dog is whining it will help you discover it quickly. 

If you are on the phone or computer and your dog is sitting or standing next to you whining, chances are he just wants your attention. This can happen at any time of the day or night that he feels neglected by you. Giving him a bit of attention can lessen the whining and make him happy. One of the most common reasons dogs whine is due to stress. They might feel uncomfortable in a new environment, fear thunderstorms, or have anxiety for a number of other reasons. If your dog is pacing back and forth while whining or appears to be nervous, he is alerting you that he is feeling stressed. Pet parents can eliminate stress from their dog’s life by removing the stress trigger or training them to be calm when exposed to the stressor. Sometimes a professional dog trainer is needed to overcome serious anxiety and stress. Professionals are capable of pinpointing issues and using training techniques to help the situation dissolve. 

Encouraging the Behavior

Dog owners do not need to encourage this behavior since it is a natural communication tool for dogs. However, if your dog is spending his days and nights whining about everything in sight, you should do your best to discourage the behavior. This behavior is natural and usually does not need to cause you any concern unless the whining is related to pain. Dogs that experience pain will often whine while walking, lying down, or doing any movement that causes the pain. Sometimes the pain is internal, which makes it difficult to discover. Dogs who are in physical pain due to an injury often limp or avoid using the painful area which makes it easy to pinpoint.

However, internal pain could be anywhere and requires a veterinarians diagnosis. If your dog is hiding under furniture or in a dark place as he continues to whine, chances are he is experiencing pain or illness in some form. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so making a veterinarian appointment or visiting the local animal hospital is wise if you think your dog is injured or sick. The sooner the diagnosis, the faster treatment can begin to help your dog recover. Keeping a journal of your dog’s health issues and symptoms will help the veterinarian focus on the issues in a timely manner. 

Other Solutions and Considerations

Some dogs whine because they are excited and happy with the current situation. If your dog whines every time you come home from work, chances are he is expressing his excitement that you are home. Dogs that love their favorite treats often whine as you are getting the treat prepared or opening the package. Closely observing your dog’s behavior and the environment is an extension of his whining. His body language will also reveal more information. Dogs that are excited often wiggle their behind, wag their tail, and walk around filled with energy. Once you become familiar with the way your dog expresses himself it will be easy for you to understand his needs and purpose of whining. 


Decoding the cause of your Border Terriers whining will help you develop a closer bond and understand his needs and wants better. It can also help you get medical help for your dog in the early stages of illness or injury. Stay alert to the whining and if it becomes excessive seek assistance from a professional dog trainer.