Why Do Bloodhounds Drink So Much Water



The Bloodhound is a real character dog known for his part in movies and books as the best dog detective. The name Bloodhound may have you thinking that he is after some victim’s blood and perhaps that is why he needs so much water. Well, he does need extra water, but not because of his ‘blood hounding’ activities. The name Bloodhound is misunderstood as this breed has been so well bred he is known for his pure and steadfast heritage, along very ancient bloodlines, not for any interest in blood. However, he was originally bred as a hunting hound and the scent of the wounded animal was important too. The Bloodhound has a very strong sense of smell and can follow the trail of any scent he is put to. He is a very active large breed of dog and, with his kind of body weight, he needs plenty of water to make sure he is well hydrated. 

The Root of the Behavior

Bloodhounds are noted for their capacity to drool and slobber so it is wise to keep an eye on their water and keep it fresh. They enjoy their water bowls so much that tipping them over is part of the fun for this breed. When you see an empty water bowl you may be tempted to think that your Bloodhound has slurped his way through the entire bowl. The Bloodhound’s body mass is between 80 and 115 pounds so he is not a small breed, but a rather solid citizen needing exercise. It is because of his size that he needs extra water to keep him well hydrated. The Bloodhound has a friendly, exuberant personality and is a lovable and loyal friend. There is one disadvantage with this friendly dog and that is his ability to spray the environment with his slobbery jowls. After a nice long drink, he can shake his head and flap his soft slobbery lips and spray up to 20 feet of drool everywhere! When he has one of his long drinking sessions it would be wise to let him shake his head and spray the slobber outside. 

If you feel your Bloodhound is drinking excessively, then there may be medical issues to watch out for. Always check with your vet to be sure that your dog is not suffering from a kidney disease or liver malfunction. There are some serious conditions that lead dogs to need extra water. If your dog is on medication, a reaction to the medicine may be causing him to be more thirsty than usual. The recommended quantity of water for most dogs is 8 to 15 ounces of water daily per 10 pounds of body weight. This is just a guide and difficult to monitor if your Bloodhound likes to take a dip and dive into his water bowl. Bloodhounds are pack animals and the alpha hound of the pack will have a great deal of energy. The use of his energy will be a challenge and may require lots of water in his bowl. The Bloodhound enjoys outdoor activities with his family members. He is a very smart dog so training and obedience, as well as tracking, are dog sports he enjoys. It is wise to carry water to these events so your active dog can replace the fluid he loses during the activities. 

Encouraging the Behavior

Your Bloodhound loves water and he will take full advantage of his water bowl. Sloshing water everywhere, he is a very active drinker. He can go as far as putting his whole head into his water bowl and having a mini dive session right there in his dish. A deep bucket full of water is a recommended water source for this enthusiastic drinker. He may not appear to be drinking all the water, but the next time you look at his bowl it will be empty. In addition, Bloodhounds love to be part of the great outdoors. They are the top-rated scent hounds and any outing will be alive with wonderful scents to tempt this hound to go on some chase or other. 

It is advisable to never take a Bloodhound out without a leash. If he gets a whiff of an interesting scent, he will be single-minded about giving chase and his nose will rule over every other part of his sensory organs. When you do retrieve your Bloodhound, he will be ready for a good long drink of water. Do watch how much he drinks in one gulping session as these dogs are prone to bloat and filling up with too much water on an empty stomach could be dangerous. Bloodhounds enjoy their water and like to have a good long drink after exercise. They have a great deal of stamina and when they are out working as scent hounds they can keep going for long spells tracking and following their prey.

Other Solutions and Considerations

The Bloodhound has the best dog nose in the canine world and he is used to track missing persons as well as escaped criminals. The Bloodhound uses his long floppy ears to sweep up the scent into his nose and the folds of skin around his face also play their part in retaining the sent he is pursuing. A wet, moist nose is essential for getting the best focus for the Bloodhound on the scent he is chasing. After long dusty trails of tracking and tracing, water will be important for the Bloodhound to keep his nose and nasal passages moist and ready to follow each scent that he can register in his olfactory system. Although the Bloodhound with his floppy ears and droopy eyes looks laid-back and lacking in energy, he is a very active dog and needs a good source of clean water. 


The Bloodhound is one of nature’s wonder dogs with his super sense of smell. He has such a character face that he soon found his way into movies. A favorite canine character is Duke from the Beverly Hillbillies series. Duke never needed to use his scent hound abilities once he became part of the millionaire TV show family. He is as relaxed as a hound can be, settled into his new life in Beverly Hills. Plenty of water, lots of attention, and star status – what more could a hound want – a 'pawfect' life, living in Beverly Hills!.