If you have record jackets that need simple repairs we have created a few videos and kits that will make this a simple exercise. Keeping your record jackets in good condition helps keep the record properly protected as well as helps retain the value of the record.

Bags Unlimited presents Undu Adhesive Remover

BU's How To Series: Record Jacket Repair Part 1 of 2

BU's How To Series: Record Jacket Repair 2 of 2

BU's How To Series: Album Jacket Seam Repair
Corner Repair Kit
LP Corner Repair Kit

Repair the corners of your album jackets, books or other frayed cardboard items. Kit comes with the following items:

1. 1 bottle of glue AADH1008

2. 1 bone folder ABFS

3. 1 metal spatula A870-003

**See our "How To" Video "Taking a record from Garage Sale to Collection 2" Above**

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Photo / Print Hinging - GUMMED. 1" x 130'.
Acid-free-Lignin-free, buffered.
PAPER Hinging Tape. 1" x 130'.
Lineco brand. Acid-Free, Lignin-Free, buffered paper. Fast setting pH neutral adhesive. Will support most artwork.

Gummed Tapes are water activated and can easily be removed with water. Use on more valuable pieces of art. Strong and stay attached under most atmospheric conditions.

**Also can be used to repair split seams on record jackets and books. See video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1IdXs2dlsU


Base SKU: tp0751

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un-du® Adhesive Removal.
4 oz. container.
Acid-free and photo-safe!
Adhesive Removal for Self-Adhesive items
un-du® Adhesive Remover 
4 oz. container
Acid-free and photo-safe!

Use to remove all types of self-adhesive items including tape, stamps, stickers, bumper stickers, hook-and-loop fasteners and much more.  Works on contact and leaves no residue.

Use on finishes such as paint, glass, and plastic as well as porous materials such as silk, film, record jackets, posters, and photographs. Also removes gum, candle wax, crayon and more.

Instructional Video here

Base SKU: aundu4

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