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Each month we present a "Featured Product" or "Featured Category" explaining the  Who, What, Where, When & Why of that product or group of products as well as a 20% OFF discount...Enjoy! 

This month we present our line of
10" and 12" NOSTATIC® Record Sleeves.
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WHO: Should use them?  The Vinyl Record collector  that wants the purest sound possible when playing their records.

Are the products' main function? To neutralize static on and around your vinyl records, which allows you to easily remove dust & dirt from them with a gentle cloth, instead of grinding it into the grooves every time you play them.

Do people use them? Personal collections are the place they are most needed.Static is a natural occurrence on vinyl records due to the nature of the material,removing the record from the inner paper sleeve creates static, playing the record creates static.

Should people use them? Before putting a record (either used or new) into your collection, replace the inner sleeve with one of our NOSTATIC® Record Sleeves. This way from your very first spin, you are practicing best record care techniques.

Main benefit of using this product: Other than the quality of the original mix  and the original pressing, using anti-static NOSTATIC® Record Sleeves will ensure you that the sound of your records is as high a quality as your system allows.