Crystal-Clear Box Protectors

Our crystal clear BOXPRO® BOX PROTECTORS are sized to perfectly fit your video game cases & cartridges.  We also have Box Protectors for CD Cases, DVD Cases, VHS  cases and Audio Cassette cases.

BOXPRO® Box Protectors are made from 12 mil crystal-clear, archival PET (Polyester) material. Semi-rigid. Boxes come with a removable protective film to prevent scratches. Use these archival protectors to keep your games, tapes, LP Records, Betamax & VHS Cases, DVDs, Audio Cassette Cases and CDs free from dust, dirt, fingerprints, scrapes, scuffs, corner crushes and scratches. 

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• 8-Track Tape Crystal Clear Box Protectors
• Action Figures Crystal Clear Box Protectors
• Audio Cassette Case Crystal-Clear Box Protectors
• CD Case Crystal-Clear Box Protectors
• Comic Book Crystal-Clear Box Protectors
• DVD Case  Crystal-Clear Box Protectors
• LP Record Jackets Crystal Clear Box Protectors
• VHS Tape Case & Betamax Case Crystal-Clear Box Protectors
• Video Game Cases & Video Cartridges Crystal-Clear Box Protectors