Comic Storage Boxes

Storing your comics in our COMIC STORAGE BOXES keeps them in an environment that will protect the corners, edges, and flat surfaces. It also keeps them away from ultraviolet light, dust, and other airborne pollutants that can destroy or damage them. Our boxes are super strong, properly sized and stackable. They come with 3" deep sturdy covers and die-cut handles that can be in the open position for carrying or closed position for storing. They are easy to assemble and need no glue or tape.

  •  **NEW** Museum Grade Flip-top Comic Box. Holds 50 comics with backings.
  • Our Short Comic Storage Boxes are made of three choices of material: Corrugated Cardboard, Corrugated Plastic, and Archival Acid-free Board. We also have a Super File Cabinet Box that holds two compact comic boxes and stacks 3 high (comic boxes are sold separately).
  • Our Long Comic Storage Boxes are available in: Double Walled Corrugated Cardboard or Corrugated Plastic. The Long Comic File Cabinet Box holds one long comic box and stacks 3 high (comic boxes are sold separately). 
  • Our Comic Bundle Boxes are made of standard non-archival materials as well as archival quality materials.  Both styles come with 12 sleeves and backings of appropriate materials in either New Comic or Regular Comic sizes. **Purchase either New Comic or Regular Comic Bundle Boxes as KITS and save money!**

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Comics Storage Boxes

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